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Supreme ConfidenceFeeling low and under-confident? The need to deliver and impress each time can be overwhelming! The demands and stress of the modern world pressure have indeed taken a toll on many. Do you often feel nervous or scared to strike a conversation with others, feel you are not worthy of the person you are attracted to, or can’t be at ease with others?

If you are conscious of your behavior and personality, what you need is a mentor to steer you through the low self-esteem phase. The eBook ‘The Supreme Self-Confidence’ by Slade Shaw is a helpful and motivational guide. Being a popular product on the ClickBank marketplace, it has several positive reviews, and this drove me to try it out and review it for you here!

What is The Supreme Self-Confidence

The eBook helps you as its reader to improve your self-confidence whenever you are in a relationship or at social gatherings.

People who do not socialize much are usually those with low confidence issues. With the help of the tips given in this ebook, you become confident and attractive, thus enhancing your connectivity with others significantly. Many readers have succeeded in developing their relationships faster and better, making them more meaningful. You get over your anxiety and can start interesting conversations with ease. The book also deals with handling awkward situations and managing disturbed relationships.

You learn to become less irritable and also to attract other people with the positive changes that the instructions in the eBook provide you. You will start noticing remarkable changes in your attitude, emotions, thoughts, and lifestyle. Your confidence level will draw others to you. You will start rejecting unwanted social beliefs and start living your life differently.

What Supreme Self-Confidence contains

The author of the book mainly talks about the development of your inner self. The main subjects covered in this book include:

Personal confidence: You will be surprised to find out things that you were not aware of, which had so far limited your interaction with others. You learn to accept yourself as you are. This personal confidence helps you gain control of your thoughts and your body.

Social confidence: The book offers you guidance on how to get over your inhibitions when you are in public and become a friendly personality. You are taught the nuances of developing confidence when you are at a party. You will start talking to people with more confidence. The book gives excellent examples of what to do when you are at an office party, a family get-together, or a friendly dinner. It covers a lot of ground to give you several real-life scenarios to help you along.

Sexual confidence: If you lack confidence in the bedroom or are afraid to make the first move, this section of the ebook helps you get over your problem. You will be shown how you can be a better partner by being communicative, experimental, and fun in your sexual encounters.

How Supreme Self-Confidence Works

The book offers tips and advice that are not complicated. You will find them simple enough to practice effectively and enhance your confidence in all areas of your life. The book gives you top-level tips to overcome confidence issues under challenging situations like death or breakups. Such cases are usually uncomfortable for many people, and they don’t know how to react. I found a lot of relevant material pertaining to this in the book.

Strategies to improve your relationships and tips on how to start conversing with confidence also find important coverage in the book. Once you start following the instructions, you will find that your mind has calmed down, adding to the confidence in you and lets you live a worry-free life. You will be able to handle rejections with ease and have no fear in facing such a situation.

When you buy this eBook, you will also get some bonuses such as:

Achieve Mastery of Your Inner Game: You get tips from the leading dating experts on achieving an excellent level of self-confidence. It also has suggestions to develop a relationship for a positive effect on your life.

Master Your Confidence Through Overcoming Shyness: Often, you would have observed that your shyness costs you a good relationship. You learn to get over the problem to handle life with confidence and ease.

Tease Women and Make them Laugh: This is purely a product for men on making women comfortable in your company.

A Saucy Guide to Teasing Your Man: This bonus for women teaches them how to have fun with men, feel more confident and at ease in male company.


  • Affordability
  • Guidelines to remove fear from your mind and live a worry-free life
  • Building up self-confidence
  • You will learn to control your mind better.
  • It works for both men and women.
  • It comes with attractive bonuses
  • Plenty of information to improve yourself continuously and even for those who think they are already out of the problem
  • Professional design and impressive layout
  • You learn to improve your leadership qualities.
  • You are taught to handle any high-pressure situations
  • 100% money-back guarantee without any conditions


  • Many feel it is slightly overpriced.
  • Not all the suggestions may work out for everyone.
  • The program is fully digital; no physical book is mailed to you.
  • A lot of self-corrective action is needed from your end to achieve the result.

Final verdict

The eBook, with its 184 pages, is bubbling with instructions on how to gain back confidence in yourself – on the professional front, in your sexual activities, and when handling parties and society. The advice is general enough to be applicable to most people and specific enough to actually give targeted advice. I like how it’s balanced out.
You will find the book’s suggestions quite easy to follow because you will be aware that self-confidence is the root of success in your personal life, career, and life goals.

By overcoming fear and hesitancy, you will be able to witness steady growth in your life. Even if you feel that you are already following some of the instructions, there’s always room for improvement. A professionally designed eBook with an attractive layout, the book is for people who want to improve their social and personal life. I personally think it’s worth a read. Like with any other self-help product, you need to sift the content you can apply to your life. Of course, you need to make a significant effort to get rid of your reserve to notice any changes. As the usual money-back guarantee is there, so you need not worry!

Supreme Confidence

Supreme Confidence

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