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Hey folks! It's James. ! You are here because you were searching for something exciting, something that can accommodate you with all the information related to herbal medicines and their usage. Lost Book Of Herbal MedicinesWe know you want to acknowledge more, explore more, and examine fairly before using a herb. For this purpose, we researched a lot but couldn’t find anything more beneficial than this remarkable book called Lost Book of Herbal Remedies.


As it is the 21st century, an era of technology, social media, electronics, drugs, new medical techniques, etc. but we can’t deny the fact that no matter what, natural herbs are much effective than these modern medicines and surgical treatments. The note-able thing is that most people don’t know how to use these herbs or where to find them but now, Dr. Nicole Apelian along, with his grandson Claude Davis has solved this problem by writing the book “ Lost Book Of Herbal Remedies”.

Dr. Nicole, with his 20 years of experience in herbal medication, and Claude Davis, with his knowledge of natural herbal remedies, compiled the Lost Book of Herbal Remedies which, provides all the details about how to use different plants or herbs for treating disparate types of pains and illnesses. Lost Book of Herbal Remedies is comprised of 300 pages describing distinct herbs, their side-effects, their usage, precautionary measures, divergent pains, and their remedies.

Contents Of Lost Book Of Herbal Remedies

Lost Book Of Herbal Medicines Author Well, we all know the contents or categories of a book make it easy for the users to navigate or read the book. That’s why the writers of the Lost Book Of Herbal Remedies have beautifully designed and organized this book so that people can directly go to a specific section and read whatever they want to read. Let’s have a look at the contents of this book.

Benefits Of Different Plants

 This section covers entire information about distinct plants and their advantages. It also gives information about how these mismatch herbs can boost our immunity and make us a healthy being. The proper usage of such plants and the precautionary measures are also discussed in this area.

Different Plants And Herbs

This portion facilitates the reader with the knowledge of more or less every single plant and herb available on the Earth. Isn’t it amazing that you can get recognition of thousands of herbs just by reading a single book?  

Remedies And Treatments

This section provides the reader with the best treatments for almost all kinds of issues or diseases that humans face. This book offers solutions to a different genres of pains, allergies, cold, blood pressure, controlling cholesterol and respiratory diseases, etc. Every treatment and issue is explained well that people can easily understand and implement it.

Assists You In Adopting A Healthy Lifestyle

The Greek physician, Hippocrates, once said, ‘let food be thy medicine and medicine thy food.’ By this statement, he was solely emphasizing healthy eating. Eating robust herbs and foods amplify our immune system against malign diseases.The Lost Book Of Herbal Remedies acknowledges you with all the life-changing habits that you need to know for adopting a healthy lifestyle. Thus, it aids in adopting healthy lifestyle.

Details Of The Diseases That are Discussed In This Book

Lost Book Of Herbal Medicines BannerThe following are the diseases that are comprehensively discussed in this book:

  • Glands
  • Cancers
  • Eye issues
  • Male issues
  • Lungs diseases
  • Kidneys infections
  • Infectious diseases
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Diseases related to bones
  • Drug and narcotics addiction
  • Childhood problems and diseases
  • Issues related to the nervous system
  • Digestive problems, such as constipation, food positioning, heartburn
  • Dental problems, such as swollen gums, gingivitis, cavities, toothache, etc.
  • Female issues, such as amenorrhea, childbirth, fertility, contraception, etc.

Consequently, you can see that almost all the health issues are discussed in this book, so if you prefer natural medication over conventional methods of treating any disease, you should at least read this book once and, I am sure you are going to love it.

Exceptional Offer For People Who Are New To Natural Remedies

A noteworthy offer, that is exclusively for the people that are not much aware of the natural methods of healing, they can read this book for two months with a complete money-back guarantee. This time is enough for them to comprehend and analyze whether this book is beneficial for them or not.


  • Lost Book Of Herbal Remedies gives you precise information about how to treat health issues in natural ways.
  • It includes all the issues or diseases that occur in the human body.
  • Its central focus is on eyesight issues, stomach problems, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, respiratory disorders, and much more.
  • All the remedies mentioned in this book are 100% natural.
  • It is not confined to a definite age group; people of all age groups can get benefit from this book.
  • It enhances your knowledge about different herbal and their usage.
  • The steps and tips mentioned in this book help you to improve your health and lifestyle.
  • It teaches you how to grow your medicinal plants.


  • Some herbal medicines may cause an allergic reaction to some people so, it’s best to research enough before using herbal medicine.
  • This book doesn’t tell how to treat a disease, Cancer even though it has provided ways to prevent it.
  • Although it includes all the natural remedies, these remedies take time to show their effect. Therefore you have to be patient in this matter.

Final Verdict

Well, I guess now you have realized that the Lost Book Of Herbal Remedies is a blessing for all of us. It contains a lot of priceless information which can help you to improve your lifestyle and protect yourself from a lot of diseases. Moreover, there is no loss in buying this book as they offer a money-back guarantee, so in case you don’t like it, you can return it. So, what are you waiting for? Go fast, and grab your book to make your life easy by learning all the tips and steps to treat your health issues naturally.

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