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Shockwave Torch

With increasing physical and sexual assaults these days, have you thought of ways or weapons to protect yourself from possible assailants? With the usage of guns being put under scrutiny and control, are there any other means of safeguarding yourself from such attacks? You may be a petite girl or an elderly man, but the cruel fact remains that the attackers do not discriminate and continue to pounce, especially after dark.

You definitely need not give up going out at night, but you can certainly be ready for possible attacks on yourself and your belongings. Most often, knives do not work as assailants know how to tackle you when you use one. In such a situation, it is absolutely necessary that you have something else that the attackers will not anticipate – give them an unexpected shock like no other. The Shockwave torch from Concerned Patriot is currently an excellent option.

What is Shockwave Torch?

It is imperative that in cases of emergencies, you need to not only protect yourself from attackers but also find a place to hide. The Shockwave Torch was designed to safeguard you in three ways: a very bright LED light, an emittance of electrical charge that immobilizes an assailant for a short time, and a screeching alarm.

The torch is designed in such a way that it has sharp beveled edges which can be used to attack the assailant. It is damage-proof, something you can use to keep the attackers at bay. If you want to use a powerful electrical charge to surprise him, you can switch on the torch, press a button, and let it strike him. It works best if you can get the device closer to his heart and make physical contact. The torch comes with a 2 amps power, and it can save a person’s life too when he needs a defibrillator in case of emergency. So you can use this as both a weapon to save someone’s life and attack the assailants.

How to Use the Shockwave Torch

Shockwave TorchYou need to keep the Torch charged always and ready to use. It has a charging cord that can be used in a car and on the wall. Whenever you go out, you need to ensure that it is fully charged to defend yourself. Along with the torch, you will get a carrying pouch, other accessories, and charging cords. You have the advantage of carrying all the required devices in one pouch.

The flashlight is extremely bright and blinds the assailant for a brief time. He will get confused and will not know what to do. The torch is made of aluminum, and so it is lightweight and sturdy. The bezel can be used to hit the attacker on his head. Even pressure is applied through different points of the torch. The interior is designed in such a way that the components do not interfere with each other. With just two fingers you can operate it. With clear instructions on how to use the torch, you will find it simple enough. Remember, do not point this at animals as it may hurt their eyesight.

It is only for self-defense that you should use the shockwave torch. You can track the attacker with the help of bright light. It has helped many a user even in most difficult situations. It is said that advanced military units also at times carry shockwave torches to locate their enemies.

You need to press the long switch found on the top of the flashlight to light a wider area. You can change it from off to on found at the bottom of the torch and press a small circle button to down the thug within seconds.

You can even find a place to hide using the light. And the sharp bezel will keep the attacker inactive for some time which should be enough for you to escape the attack. Since the product comes to you with a money-back guarantee, your purchase is fully protected.


  • The product is not expensive.
  • It is lightweight and easy to carry
  • You can carry it using the wrist loops also which means your hands are always free
  • The bulb work for a long time and so there is no need to replace it frequently
  • It has a rechargeable battery
  • It has a Heavy-duty build
  • The sharp bezel is meant to be used as a blunt-force weapon


  • The device has to be fully charged at all times for maximum usage
  • Clean the metal edges very carefully to avoid scratching your hand
  • At home, you have to keep it safely so that kids do not have access to even accidentally use it
  • You do not need a license for this product
  • You will need to check with your local government authorities and see if it is legal to use in your State.

Final verdict

The Shockwave Torch is a completely functional weapon to counterattack sudden assailants. You need not kill the attacker; it is only for personal defense. You do not need a license to have this torch while you need to have one for using a gun. By using it for just 2 seconds, you will be protecting your life and attacking the thugs too. You need not worry about carrying heavy flashlights or other weapons to protect yourself.

With each day becoming a nightmare in many places, people are always on the lookout for some self-protection. It is better to have some weapon than go unprotected and get attacked. Irrespective of age, we are all prone to sudden attacks. You must learn to manage the situation in case you are attacked when you are traveling alone. Buying the shockwave torch may come in handy for you in cases of extreme situations. As an added bonus, there is also mental peace when you carry something like this around. When you have the shockwave torch with you, you will certainly feel protected wherever you go. This is something we all should have. My rating for the product would be 5 stars!

Shockwave Torch

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