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Urinary Incontinence, the medical term used for loss of bladder control, is quite a common problem for women and men, and even more so for new mothers. Over 200 million people worldwide suffer from this problem, and a majority of them are women. While it isn’t a disease as much as a minor disfunction, not having control of your bladder is a concern that certainly needs to be addressed. 


The symptoms can range from having a minor leakage when you laugh or sneeze to having to run to a bathroom out of urgency and seldom reach the distance. Loss of bladder control and peeing yourself in public is obviously embarrassing, making you feel low. It definitely drains out self-confidence.

The good news is that the problem can be easily addressed with minor lifestyle changes, exercise, and medical treatment. If you are looking for an alternate natural remedy to correct accidental leakage issues, the Pelvic Floor Strong product is a good option. Here I give you an in-depth, unbiased review of the product available exclusively via the ClickBank marketplace.  

What is Pelvic Floor Strong

Plevic floor strongCreated by Alex Miller, Pelvic Floor Strong is an online fitness program that helps you strengthen your pelvic muscles to alleviate your leakage woes. It enables you to regain bladder control with specific upper body exercises.

Alex Miller is a fitness instructor and women’s health specialist from Canada. Her story is inspiring, and the Pelvic Floor Strong is a result of her mother’s and her fight with Urinary Incontinence. She is a renowned instructor with many students, many of whom are chiropractors, therapists, athletes, and celebrities. She is also certified in TRX, treadmill interval running, and mat Pilates.

The combination of Miller’s qualifications and her personal experience that inspired the Pelvic Floor Strong is what really seems to work for this program.

How does it work

The Pelvic Floor is a facet of muscles that embrace your bladder, uterus, and bowels. When these muscles relax, it makes way for us to pee or poop (pass urine or have a bowel movement). When the floor contracts, it stops the flow of urine, stools, and gas.

Some of the reasons that weaken our pelvic muscles are ‘layer syndrome,’ an imbalance existing in the core of your abdominal muscles, often caused due to improper breathing; and diastasis recti, the separation of your middle abdominal region usually caused post-pregnancy due to the muscles not healing back together.   

Now the fitness program provided by Miller strengthens these muscles and alleviates you from accidental leaking, layer syndrome, diastasis recti, lower back, hip, and pelvic pain.

The exercises are extremely easy to perform and are suitable for women of all ages. You may be surprised to know that the movements involve your upper body, which has been the cause all along. For one, I was taken aback when I learned that specific arm exercises could help regulate urine control!

The program also educates you on the many harmful things we are doing that affect our pelvic region. This is essential information that is usually hidden from mainstream medicine. While the program prevents you from further destroying your body and risking yourself to more serious problems in the future, it provides effective solutions – exercises that are easy to do and need no additional resources.


The Pelvic Floor Strong has several benefits. Here are some I really liked:

  • Easy to do exercises suitable for all age groups. Easy to understand and learn the course.  
  • Quick response solution for the problem which works almost overnight.

  • The exercises strengthen your pelvic muscle and alleviate not only urinary Incontinence but also diastasis recti, lower back, and hip pain.
  • It aids in belly flattening.  

  • Negates the need to go through expensive surgeries, harmful medication, and temporary solutions such as pads, diapers, etc.  
  • Educates you on the wrongdoings such as Kegels and other exercises that aren’t for everyone. This is very beautifully explained using the rubber band analogy on the website.  
  • Provides a natural and mindful remedy to the problem of urinary Incontinence.
  • Provides complete remedy to pelvic strengthening, which is great for better orgasms, better bowel movements, and overall wellbeing.
  • There is a one-time fee for full access, and there are no upsells.  
  • Committing to the program is extremely easy for everyone as it doesn’t take up too much of your time, and you can do them from almost anywhere.
  • The techniques are designed seeking inspiration from renowned physical therapists and experiential learning.  
  • A money-back guarantee is provided in case this doesn’t work for you within 60 days.


For any fitness courses, there are, of course, a few disadvantages. For the Pelvic Floor Strong program, they are:

  • Some of these exercises cannot be performed by everybody.

  • You will have to purchase the course to gain access to most information. 
  • Until you decide to buy the course and pay up, you will not be sure of what exercises you need to do.

Final verdict

The Pelvic Floor Strong is a great way to fix Urinary Incontinence using a natural and convenient method of exercise. The act of exercising can be tiresome and difficult at first, but it is important that you try. It is also crucial to be aware that there are many exercises and programs out there, few of which are good, and many are not.

Try the Pelvic Floor String program before you fall prey to wrong advice, expensive surgeries, and consume toxic medications, which may lead to side effects. Even if it doesn’t work for you, it is backed by a money-back guarantee, so you can always claim a refund.  

I would rate this program a 4 out of 5 stars – The positives being the legitimacy, quick response, pricing and payment policies, and benefits of the program. A minus 1 star for the reason being that the exercises might not be doable by all and you will have to pay to find out.  

Plevic floor strong

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