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Fighter Abs Bundle

If you’re looking around for a professional training program to get those dreamy ripped abs, you’ve landed at the right place – this is a review of ‘Fighter Abs’, a six-week fitness plan that promises to get you ribbed abs without crazy diets or boring crunches. All you need to do is spend 15 minutes per day following the program at home without stepping out to the gym. Let’s take a more in-depth look at the product to check how genuine the claims are…!

The Creator

The Fighter Abs program has been created by Andrew Raposo, a North American Muay Thai Champion and a Two Time Provincial Gold Medalist in Boxing. He is also a Muay Thai and Boxing Coach as well as a Fitness and Strength Coach. !

With a profile like that, I’m on board and more than happy to trust him!!

The Product

Fighter Abs is a three-phase fitness program targeted to get rid of lower
belly fat and get you ripped abs, the kind that fighters have. You need not
go on any crash diets and most importantly, you can do all of the exercises
in your room, without any special gym equipment!
It gives you powerful high-intensity workouts that just need
15 minutes of your time each day. The site states, “We will be pairing total body exercises with isolated core exercises in a circuit fashion to effectively and efficiently provide optimal results.”!

Fighter Abs ModelThe Fighter Abs program is divided into 3 phases of two weeks each:

Phase 1 – The Foundation Phase: This focuses on full body workouts that ramp up your metabolism and get your body ready to burn fat “even while you sleep”. Here the exercises started off with the easier ones but as the days progressed, I could feel the pressure going up.

Phase 2 – Fighter Core Strength Phase: This phase has more intense core workouts that target any stubborn fat around the stomach. It’s tough for sure, but I felt my abs starting to peek out during this phase and was loving it!

Phase 3 – Final Competition Prep: This is the toughest phase as it targets the lower belly area to get your lower abs to appear. The exercises provide intense heavy conditioning and work to get you washboard abs with the full six-pack abs showing up if you follow the routine religiously.

Andrew says, “The secret to eating the foods you enjoy and get six-pack abs that you’ll enjoy, even more, is to perform high demanding metabolic workouts so that you burn calories throughout the day and even while you sleep. Pair that with core-specific exercises and you will specifically target belly fat while sculpting ripped six-pack abs.”!

The Plus Side

  • One of the major advantages is that this program is not time-consuming. It just requires 15 minutes every day. Although, to be honest, that’s conservative as you will be spending about 30-45 minutes a day (I did!) trying to get the exercises done correctly but even then, it’s not too much time to spend if washboard abs are your goal.
  • The exercises are suited for all age-groups and across all genders. It shares various levels of intensity so you can work with what is comfortable for you. All you require is the willpower to dedicatedly go through a program that will get you those ripped abs.
  • As Andrew is a professional fighter, the exercises he has curated teach you self-defense with boxing moves and punching techniques thrown in. All of this is very useful and a great side-benefit as I feel everybody should be trained in basic self-protection tactics.
  • The program does not require any professional workout equipment. Andrew has devised the exercises in such a way that you can do them while at home. Of course, he may get you to use some props that are available in any home.
  • The video coaching provided is detailed and well-explained. The various intensity levels are also clearly shown. You won’t be worrying about whether you are doing it right.
  • There are several bonuses included with the main program which are all very
    informative and instructional.
  • The price is very reasonable. Priced at just $15, the program is a sure-buy!

The Minus Side

  • The videos and all other material are all available online only. You do not get any physical products shipped to you. So, no CDs and no paper manuals. I found this to be a bit of a drawback as you need to be connected to the internet to be able to access the program.
  • The exercise program requires a lot of dedication. The workouts, although lasting for short periods, are very demanding. You need to be very focused, and some of the advanced exercises may even be too tough to follow through.
  • The exercises claim to be for everyone but honestly, I found that you need to be somewhat fit to be able to go through with the whole program. This is not for someone who’s never hit the gym before!
  • The program doesn’t give you a recommended diet. I feel people will benefit more if some tips on what to eat while working with this program are also included.

My Verdict

The Fighter Abs program looks promising. The exercises are challenging, and you will indeed feel the effects long after your session is complete, but then again,
if its pains, you gain! So, even though the price is accessible on the pocket, invest in it only if you can consistently persist and train really hard – don’t give up midway. This fitness routine curated by an expert coach, is a quality product with a 60-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.
Achieving those fighting fit ripped abs is now within your reach!


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