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DIY Dish Sytem review

Is your electricity bill skyrocketing each month? Do you feel worried looking at the enormous bills? Are you looking for a solution to this? You are not alone in this quest.

Though there are a lot of suggestions offered online, how many of them really work out? The answer is a big NONE. But here’s some hope of light at the end of the tunnel with a product called “DIY Dish System” created by Daniel Scott. On using his system, he claims that your electricity bill will come down substantially. You will get affordable and clean energy without much investment or effort.

What is DIY Dish System

DIY Dish System invented by Daniel Scott is a power plant that captures solar rays using a device resembling a satellite dish, to generate maximum power. DIY Dish Sytem reviewSetting up this device at home is easy and people are already making use of it at home to get maximum benefits.

When you buy, you get a step-by-step instruction guide that you need to follow to get the system ready. The materials are easy to procure, and the energy source can be a TV or car battery. All that you need to do is assemble them and connect them to the energy source. You save money as well as get electricity from a safe and natural source without any interruption. An important thing to note here is that there are no parts or machinery sent as part of the purchase. What you are buying is simply a DIY ebook.

How it works

DIY Dish Sytem review

The system works on the principle of a satellite making use of solar energy to the maximum possible and a solar panel fixed at a converging angle. You will be safe even during power outages. The system also claims to be practically maintenance-free. You will find that the DIY Dish System offers:

  • Sustainable energy for your entire household
  • No safety threats
  • No complicated mechanical processes involved

Once you start using the system, you should ideally observe a sharp dip in your electricity bills. Hopefully, you will be able to use that excess money for some other useful purpose.

The guide shows you:

  • Steps to set up a power plant at home and comes with an introduction to the system
  • A PDF eBook that you can read on your mobile
  • How you can set up the system without any difficulty
  • Details on where you can procure the materials at low rates

The system comes up with a parabolic solar array concept that can be useful in any household. There is no restriction to what you can connect the system to. The dish that you install redirects the solar rays to charge the entire system and to fully operate. The energy is converted into electricity for your appliances. Remember, you will need to allow a little space for the system to be fixed.

Once you have installed the system, all your electrical appliances can be connected to it. The device is small and hence portable. You can carry the system wherever you travel without fearing any power outage due to storms or hurricanes. You get a continuous supply of energy to run your gadgets. You just need to clean the panels at regular intervals as maintenance.

When you buy the DIY Dish System, you are given the details of the materials that are needed to set it all up. You are also given complete information on the price of the materials and where they are available at cheap rates.

It’s all really DIY!

You can install the system all by yourself. The product comes to you with illustrated instructions, materials details, and blueprints of the steps to follow. You also get written details and guidelines with details on how to connect the system to the appliances at home. You get the list of tools needed to build the system and how to make use of each of them.

The Product in a Snapshot

You will need reflective aluminum panels, stands, batteries, solar panels, an inverter, screws, cables, and hinges to build the system. You can start by:

  • Lay out a panel on the back as a base panel
  • Fix 4 hinges of 45 degrees on both sides of the panels using screws
  • Attach one solar panel on each side with the help of a screw
  • Screw 8 hinges of 45 degrees on to the horizontal sides of the panels
  • Get 5 hinges on the top of the 4 panels
  • Have 4 reflective panels on top of the panels
  • Keep the system on the stands panel for support.
  • You need to make sure that the screws are tightened well.
  • You can now connect the system to all the electrical appliances using batteries and inverters.
  • And yes, now you get renewable self-made energy!

Of course, just the above may not get you going – you will need to buy the program for complete details!

As a bonus to buying the system, you also get some bonus eBooks:

  • Electric Lighting History
  • Reducing Energy Waste
  • 15 top Ways to Save Money
  • Money-saving Tips for Families
  • Saving Power, Saving the World
  • Go Green, Save Green at the Same Time
  • How to be Environmentally Friendly


  • Get energy independence and no fear of power outages
  • Easy to understand and execute instructions
  • Highly dependable source of power energy
  • Money-saving
  • Can operate any electrical appliances
  • No pollution of the environment
  • No risk involved


  • Not a very good option if you keep shifting your residences as solar panels will not be viable for you
  • You cannot mount solar panels on all types of roofs. If you install them on rooftops not suited for solar panels, you may cause damage and have to spend money repairing the roofs.
  • You only get it only as an online guide, making it impossible for you to install if you cannot shop for required materials.

Final verdict

It is a harsh reality that electricity bills are indeed draining resources, especially in these tough times. DIY Dish System seems to be a great solution to get rid of power blackouts and reduce those bills. You become energy-independent. If it all works out, it will prove to be an alternative energy source at a minimal investment for you.

You would have realized that going for green energy is trending and the whole world is working on it. You will be helping in creating a pollution-free and safe environment. DIY Dish System shows you how to set up your power plant at a reduced cost and pay amazingly lower electricity bills. If you think it is time for you to contribute to the energy revolution, making it cheap, clean, and renewable, you can definitely give this solar energy product a try.

DIY Dish Sytem review

DIY Dish Sytem review


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