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Who wouldn’t want to have a perfect body and fitness that makes everyone go Wow! How to achieve that ideal structure, weight and muscle building is everybody’s constant struggle. Our body needs nutrients in proper proportions to build muscles and tissues. Diet plays a major role in achieving the target and many are of the opinion that fasting, eating tasteless food, never yielding to craving for restaurant style foods are the main features of dieting.

However, the good news is that gone are those days when such stringent measures were needed for body building. Anabolic food has come to replace that misnomer and it is a program that helps you to build muscles with emphasis on rich protein intake, thereby increasing the level of anabolic hormone in the body.

It has been time and again established that an anabolic diet helps in losing unwanted fat. It has now become a part of several popular weight loss and strength building programs.

When I started to look for some interesting and easy to work with diet, I came across Dave Ruel’s ebook titled “Anabolic Cooking”. Almost all the recipes were quick to prepare, healthy, and were tasty. What I give below is a sincere and unbiased review of the book and the contents. Let us take a look at what the buzz is all about!

What is Anabolic Cooking?

anabolic cooking

Anabolic Cooking is a digital ebook containing more than 200 recipes that are aimed at saving time, money, cooking healthy food, helping build good muscles, and mainly eating tasty food. You can be sure you will never get bored with your diet. This is perfectly suitable for anyone who has a busy schedule with packed appointments or anyone who is new to the world of body building and even cooking!

How does it work and what you will find in the book?

anabolic cookingThe recipes given in the book have been tested many times. They never make you feel bloated even if you eat larger quantities as they are very gentle on your stomach. The recipes help you, whatever gender, or age group you are in.

The book aims at two processes – fat loss and muscle building. Each meal plan targets how many calories you should shed based on the process. On one hand, weight loss aims at losing approximately 3000 calories, muscle building targets 2000 to 5000 calories.

A body builder should ideally eat six daily meals that consist of protein, carbs and fats. Each day, the recipes are varied so you never get tired of the same menu.

The exercises you should be doing, calories to be burnt and information on cardio workouts and current weight are included in the logs.

Well over 200 delicious and healthy recipes given in the book include:

  • Breakfast menu with oatmeal, banana bread, and pancakes with skim milk and protein powder for including fibre in the diet. Low carb recipes such as hash browns and egg-friendly food are also included.
  • Wide variety of chicken and other poultry recipes are included besides Turkey and ground chicken.
  • Red meat and pork in the right way of cooking are part of your diet. Salmon, crab, and shrimp recipes also find a place in the meal.
  • Salads and soups in varied forms are stomach filling and yet do not add to the calories.
  • Protein bars and cookies find an important place in your daily menu.
  • You do not have to worry about missing dessert as plenty of recipes to satiate the sweet tooth are included in the book.

The book also talks about:

  • Tutoring on knowing what you are eating and how to cook the food for one week within a short span of time.
  • Post workout suggestions to make the muscle building plan successful.
  • Getting groceries that are necessary for the program without wasting money and time.
  • How to set your kitchen to cook the anabolic food and to manage cheat meals.

A few bonus features that I found along with the book include:

  • The Anabolic Cookbook
  • Guide to nutrition and quick start cooking
  • Unlimited updates throughout


  • The large collection of recipes avoiding any monotonous food types. Different suggestions from across the world are included.
  • Easy and quick to make items included with step-by-step instructions which becomes easy even for a beginner to understand.
  • Complete information on the nutritional value of each recipe so that you have idea of the number of calories you consume.
  • Ideal for any body builder who wants to make a meal with no trouble.
  • Conserving money as ingredients suggested are very affordable and detailed instructions on how to cook the food all by yourself.
  • The product is digital so you get instant access – there’s no wait time involved waiting for the book to arrive in the mail.


  • Vegetarian recipes are very less in number hence, those who are vegetarians will have limited options to choose from.
  • It is alleged that Splenda which is used in the recipes as sweetener is not good for health.
  • Some body builders feel that the grains used in the recipes may cause weight gain.
  • It is often felt that there is lack of information on why his recipes are good for body and muscle building. Some opine that the book does not give you an idea on which recipes best serve the purpose.
  • Though the book talks about supplements, it does not seem to give a concrete idea on why they do not work on many.

Final Verdict

Many people who followed the suggestions for work out and live on the recipes have expressed particularly good results and thus the book helps in both weight reduction and muscle gain. By following the tips given in the book you can be assured of a hearty, healthy, and tasteful meal while building your body. No weakness or tiredness is felt by those who consume the food. Colourful and tasty food is something you can expect to prepare all by yourself and get good results too.

The workout suggestions are immensely helpful to the body builders who have just started the process. Specific advice on how to stay fit and yet enjoy a wholesome meal is the main advantage of the book. So if you are looking a handy guide to body building and weight loss by eating right, this ebook is worth a buy!

anabolic cooking

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